Surface mounted led beans gall light one head two heads or three heads

Surface mounted led beans gall light this type have one head design and two heads design and three heads design, also there are many sizes and wattage to choose. Normally it is white and black color, we do customized color too. LED Beans Gall Light is angle adjustable, widely used in indoor lighting and home lighting, suitable for family, hotel, restaurant, hall,pub, casino,show business,lighting, marketplace,meeting room and exhibition.


The main scope of application of flush mount led bean gall light fixture is home places, corridors, leisure and entertainment venues, exhibition halls, corridors, hotel lobby, hotel rooms, and so on.

1: Installation methods: embedded installation
2: Surface finish: White, Black,Chrome, Brown, Bronze, and so on.
3: Light source is COB
4: Provide customized services like: customized packing includes color box,installation instruction and so on;
5: Durable Construction: Full use of materials, better cooling effect, Excellent resistance treatment Has excellent corrosion resistance Never fade, never rust
6: LED grille lights have three bean angle to choose.
7: Heat dissipation design,made of high quality aluminum good thermal performance Export heat faster and better To extend life
8: Reflective lens: High-efficiency optical lens Light loss is small and illumination is good ,high value, The light is brighter and softer improve the use of the ring mirror.

Surface mounted beans gall light one head two heads or three heads

Surface mounted beans gall light one head two heads or three heads

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